Foldable Model

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Delivery Time 2 - 4 Business days

This product design is a portable and foldable model that does not need any other extra equipment for the utilization. The hardware includes the wheel, pedals, gear shifter in the stand and comes alongside the VR headset.

Product Information

This particular model includes all of the hardware in a portable, foldable stand that can be put anywhere!

Size or Dimensions

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Simulator: 15 in by 6in by 8 in

Product Details

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This product includes the wheel, the pedals, and the gear shifter for the user to drive combined into a foldable stand for the user to utilize sitting in front of. The VR headset, powered by Oculus Quest 64 GB, is also included and will be connected to your VirtuRoad mobile app. The hardware connects to the VR headsets via bluetooth. 

The product includes a testing portion where the user can quiz themselves on the rules of the road, use the mobile app to practice in any real life location, and have instructions guiding them through various randomized driving scenarios. The user will be able to track their driving progress and time spent on the simulator in the VirtuRoad mobile app. 

Special Instructions

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Once you receive your VirtuRoad simulator, you will be given a code that will be used to connect your VirtuRoad mobile app to the VR headset to start up your simulator. This particular model has the user sit in a chair in front of the simulator.